There are many ways and techniques for doing this art. The most well known is the metalworking, this is the craft and practice of working with metals and the technique is also used for doing oil refineries to delicate handmade jewelry.
Another interesting craft is called beadwork, through this you attach beads to one another using a needle. Most of this craft is similar to jewelry or any personal adornment. In the ancient time, many cultures have employed beads for this purpose too. Archaeological studies refers that it has been used 5000 years ago for religious reasons.
Peruvian craft is also important for handmade jewelry designs. Here you will find all Peruvian collection of handcrafted jewelry including necklaces, pearls, chokers, bracelets, rings, earrings, pendants, brooches, cufflinks, diamonds and much more.

The purposes of Peruvian jewelry is that most of them demonstrate religious themes. History says that our forefathers used to wear jewelry especially for those who were government authorities in that sense jewelries were always a symbol of nobility, race and family condition.

Nowadays, Peruvian handmade jewelry is the most famous in the world. In this site, there is a large variety of these jewelries and both elements are combined: ancient and modern designs.




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