As everyone knows, leather is the best quality in handicraft manufacturer. Leather is characterized by its adaptability, flexibility and aesthetic qualities which make this material to be highly demanded between many people around the world.

There are many companies who invest considerably amount of money to gain the best quality and performance to provide clients. As its flexibility you can find many designs and style and are offered in many objects like jewelry, handbags, ladies and men footwear, shawls, tassels, wooden and many others.

One of the leader countries at leather crafts is India; here you will find many tourist and industrial products like animal clothing and accessories leather bags, pursues, wallets and cases, leather chemicals, garments, zippers, sliders, buttons, eyelets and many other trading products.

However, there are other quality industries which offer durability and contemporary hallmarks. They are good, innovative and large wide of themes. With a strict and high quality control these industries take first position in students bags, travel bags, executive bags, trolly bags, key chains and more over.

Peru has a rich leather handicrafts heritage which comes over centuries, so there are leather pieces that you can buy but it is not a high industry. You can chose one of these products from our store and appreciate all of them at our gallery.



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