There has been a city where modern Lima stands since 1535. Francisco Pizarro founded it on January 18th. He called the city La Ciudad de Los Reyes (City of Kings). The nameL ima comes from the Quechua name Rimac. People have called the city Lima since the end of the sixteenth century.

From early days it was a rich and luxurious place. But then, in 1746 there was a devasting earthquake. Only twenty houses in the city survived! Since that terrible day, Lima has never quite recovered all its original glory! But now people love Lima for its wonderful atmosphere.

The French feminist, Flora Tristan, loved Lima so much that she decided to make it her permanent home. She was the artist Paul Gauguin's grandmother. Because of the political problems in Bonaparte's France, Gauguin came to live with his grandmother. So Paul Gauguin spent his childhood living in Lima.

We have lots of experienced artisans living in Lima. People is very friendly with strangers. Visit us and take a nice souvenir with you!!


Andean Doll

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