Porcelain is a ceramic material which is made of clay and is exposed to high temperatures between 2.192 F to 2.552 F. This material after all these processes becomes hard and strong. Porcelain has many uses and it is commonly used to make tables, sanitaryware and many decorative wares, fine art objects and tiles. It is also used in dentistry to make false teeth, caps and crowns. Another important characteristic of this durable material is that is a good insulator which its high resistance that allows electricity to pass.

Porcelain Dolls are also part of Peruvian handcraft but it is not so common. You can buy it just in some good and selective shops. If you are a lover of this porcelain craft you should know that there are three categories to choose. The first one is hard paste; which is the most strongest format compared to others. The second one is soft paste; its main characteristic is that it is not hard and easy to deformation and the last one is bone china, which is the most common and is made worldwide.

Most of porcelain Dolls are made by this last material and you will hardly find the other ones because their fabrication is not that common.


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