Sipán is an archeological site east of Chiclayo. Excavations at the site began in 1987 under the leadership of Peruvian archeologist Walter Alva. Alva found five royal tombs there. Inside the tombs he found 1,800 year-old artefacts of the Moche culture. These treasures are made of precious metals, stone, pottery and textiles. The Sipán tombs are one of the most exciting finds of modern times.

In one tomb Alva found the Lord of Sipán. Probably a priest, he had been buried dressed in gold with turquoise and other valuables. Alva said nobody had touched a thing since the day of the burial. The remains of another priest were found in another tomb. On his death the people had sacrificed a llama and a dog. They were buried with him together with copper decorations.

In 1989, another tomb was found. Alva said it was probably a tomb of an important shaman or spiritual leader. He is now known as the Old Lord of Sipán.

Alva had never been so excited in his life. In the Old Lord's tomb, he had found some of the finest examples of Moche craftsmanship ever seen.

You can find many crafts near Sipán. Such are souveniers and more.


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